Our first generation Bluetooth Earbuds that disrupted the market.


For years we'd been teased with completely wireless in-ear buds that totally free the user from trailing cables. The WisePrimate BluBass Buds make good on that promise with completely wire-free stereo buds that are comfortable, high performance and superb quality. Coming in their alloy carry case, that doubles up as a charge cradle, the BluBuds are always protected in your pocket or bag, ready to pop in your ears quickly and easily.


Integrated buttons in the stereo earbuds let you play & pause your music, plus also activate voice dialling to handsfree call using the voice functionality in your smartphone. All with clear voice prompts to guide you. Simply press on the large button integrated into the side of each earpiece to perform actions (long presses for calls, short presses for play/pause)


With plenty of battery life for your commute, the buds also recharge when you put them in their protective case. So you can listen, pop them away and then have a fully charged set available next time you take them out. The case will recharge the buds a few times as well, so just charge the case in the evening and you're good to go!


You can even pair each earpiece individually to different devices if you wish to use them monaurally rather than as a stereo pair - full flexibility, because the tech can do it, we always believe in giving you the choice to use your WisePrimate tech however you wish.


WisePrimate BluBass Buds - Convenient, discrete, quality.

BluBass Buds - Bluetooth Earbuds

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