The next Generation of In Ear earbuds from the boffin farm at WisePrimate - the BluBassLite build on our runaway inflight sales success with the BluBass Buds and give you the next generation of tech and usability.


When we designed the BluBass Lite, we concentrated on the right balance of form, function and audio quality we thought would work for most people - based on feedback from the BluBass Buds.

You can create an in-ear monitor style bud that has multiple drivers and reference quality frequency response and clarity, but the more componentry you pack into a device, the heavier it becomes.  It’s a vicious cycle too, as the more drivers you have to power, the bigger the battery needs to be, so more weight.


The key enemy of secure fit in a completely wireless bud is weight.  The lighter you get the bud, the more comfortable it is and the more secure it becomes.


What we’ve concentrated on with BluBass Lite is getting really faithful sound reproduction, with a keen eye on the real world use of a wireless bud.  You’re more likely to be active and moving when you wear these, so the key factors are good sound, great fit and real comfort.


The charge case is key as well – if you can’t pocket it, you’re less likely to have them on hand to wear when you want.  So, again, we made design choices early to ensure that the case wasn’t too bulky or heavy, yet still packs a 450 milliamp hour cell to recharge those buds several times before needing topped up.


You’ll get a couple of hours of constant listening on our buds before having to charge, but you can pop them in the case with the integrated charge cell and it’ll boost them back up so you can use them again.  So the standard use case – using them for a commute – you charge them overnight, you wear them on the way into work or school, pop them in the case and they are back at full charge for lunch, then again for the homeward journey, or gym visit.  Charge the case in the evening and you’re back ready to go for the next day.


Check out some of our current Amazon 5 Star Reviews:


Amazing sound quality - 5 Star

Item arrived today after ordering Wednesday night and they are AMAZING! Been looking for ear buds for ages and not found any that I like so glad I hung off and got these! They are so light and the sound of them is brilliant especially for the price and the most important thing they cancel out all noise around me which is what I was looking for! Will definitely be recommending these to friends and family!

danielle duffy - 14 December 2018


Great quality, lightweight, easy to set up - 5 Star

These little earbuds are fantastic! I bought them as a Christmas present for my Brother in Law but before I wrapped them up I thought I’d try them out myself. They are so light you can move around and they don’t budge, making them ideal for using while exercising. They come with different eartips as well so you can change them depending on what you prefer. I just kept the original ones already on it and they fit me really well. Pairing to my phone was really easy, the instructions are clear and concise, and the sound quality is fantastic, crystal clear. Highly recommended and my only wish is that I’d bought an extra pair for myself! Maybe Santa will deliver me a set!

J.M - 13 December 2018


BluBassLite Wireless In Ear Earbuds

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