Boom again with the Boomer2 - our follow-up to the hugely successful Boomer Bluetooth Speaker from WisePrimate!


Building on the incredible performance of Boomer - we've increased every single capability of that top rated performer with the Boomer2. More power, more battery life, more features!


Starting with an amazing 10W output from this truly portable powerhouse - this gives louder playback than the original Boomer, with a richer, fuller sound.


12 hour playback means you're potentially only needing to charge it once before you go on holiday, unless you're a heavy user, and the standard USB charging means you can boost it with a variety of devices that would work with any phone.


It's not just a Bluetooth speaker any more - it has a built in SD card slot - so if you don't want to take your expensive smartphone to the pool or the beach - throw some tunes on an SD card and bang it in the speaker: Hey Presto, a self-contained boombox!


FM radio is another additional feature - using the USB cable in the box as an antenna, it'll give you another option for your audio pleasure - even catch the local tunes when you're on holiday!


Conference speaker functionality - meaning it has a mic in the speaker and you can answer calls simply by pressing the play button on top. Use it in a group situation to keep in touch with everyone able to join in that call.


We never thought, when we were looking to follow up our Boomer, that we'd be able to so comprehensively develop every single aspect of the speaker's performance, but we're really proud of how our new baby turned out and we're sure you'll be delighted when you hear it too!

Boomer2 BluetoothTravel Speaker

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