Howl the night away!


The Howler Monkey is one of natures loudest mammals - we wanted to channel this punch through our latest portable speakers - hence the box even carries a WARNING - SUPRISINGLY LOUD - sign! We've knocked it out of the park with these speakers - prepared to be amazed.


The Howlers are two separate speaker units that connect to each other through Bluetooth and then onwards to your music device - whether that be your phone, tablet, laptop or anything with a Bluetooth audio output. They come complete with a charge base, which is magnetic, meaning it's a simple case of popping them on the base to get charging - no faffing about with individual cables to each speaker. The charge base takes a standard MicroUSB connection, the same as a lot of android phones and most portable accessories - meaning no proprietary charging kit needed. If you're caught without the charge base, the speakers do have backup USB connections as well, so you can charge them singly.


The speaker units are tiny machined alloy cylinders that are both really attractive and mega tough. Packing battery life for up to 8 hours of flat out music before a quick charge to top them up, the sound output of these little speakers almost defies belief. Loud, punchy, but controlled and completely without distortion - these really are the only portable speakers you'll need.


The real aural benefit of the design is that unlike one-box speakers that claim to be stereo, you can physically space the left and right speakers far enough apart (about 6 feet is the usual suggested minimum distance) to give you a correct stereo image where you will be able to place sources in the stereo soundfield. Additionally, if you wish, you can pair single units to different devices as mono speakers to double their usability!


45 x 5 Star reviews on Amazon and counting - here's some of what our customers have to say about the Howlers:


Astonishing clarity and amazing value for money! - 5 Stars

The speakers were originally bought to go with a laptop on a hugely cramped work space. When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at just how 'high end' the packaging was.
The surprises continued when I unpacked the speakers themselves. Think two solidly machined items, each approximately the size of a shot glass. Words such as 'cute' and 'dinky' immediately spring to mind. Push past this however and charge the speakers using the supplied USB cable and docking station, pair them to your preferred Bluetooth device using the clear and comprehensive instructions (a trivially simple operation) and fire them up!! Immediately words like 'cute' and 'dinky' are replaced by words like 'punchy' and 'crystal clear'!!!
It would appear that Wise Primate didn't get the memo that said speakers this size can't be this good!!!
Do yourself a favour and grab a couple of extra sets before Wise Primate 'wise' up to just how good value these are!!! You won't regret it.

Hamish Lambert - 2019


Wise Primate Howlers - 5 Stars

Amazing quality of sound from such small speakers, I was pleasantly surprised when I first pumped my music through them. They're small and compact yet still have a 'weight' of quality about them when held in the hand. Great product guys, really happy with them, thank you. "With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall make music wherever she goes" .

GavK 27 - 2019


"Holographic Sound Imaging" - 5 Stars

Had these speakers for a week now and had the chance to them through their paces. Fast next day delivery and on unboxing found the speakers were already 70% charged. So put them to work straight away. Simple setup procedure. Can be used individually or a stereo pair. Battery life exceeds expectations and my needs. Fast charging dock is compact for easy travelling. Can use them indoors or out. Speakers metal construction adds to the sound quality.

Importantly how do they sound!

If you're not an Audiophile enthusiast then these speakers could convert you. They should be regarded as studio monitor speakers. I've played all genres through them. Excellent soundstaging and accurate lower bass performance. Dynamic range is unbelievable from such a compact speaker. Provides a rich organic timbres/colours, smallest details are easily heard, a spatial perspective brings musicians into your acoustic space with a sense of Holographic Sound Imaging.

Quality product, pleasing design and tactile feel in the hand. Ideal for my travels.

Highly recomended. From a very discerning customer.

tony.hellgren - 2019

Howler Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

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