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about us

WisePrimate was a dream.


A dream born from working with the world’s biggest audio brands – Sony, Denon, Apple, Shure, Beats, Xmini, UE, Cowon, iRiver, Sennheiser. If it was big in the portable audio space, we’d worked with them.


To start our own brand, focusing on our core belief; to build better earphones, headphones and speakers, and to make them incredibly high quality without the mega price tag.


Lets be clear. We’ve worked with the engineer that did the original Beats headphone, a $16 product selling for £300!


Why? Overheads, margins, marketing it all adds up.

Bose is known within the industry for ½ of its product price being down to its enormous marketing spend.


Surely, with our expertise, contacts and knowledge, we could bring a brand to market without these overheads, focusing on bringing the best tech we could through quickly, and affordably?

ARC Award.jpg

We took the step.

Signed the deal, and WisePrimate was born.


Born out of a desire to make truly great audio products and a truly incredible price point.


Our customers would therefore be “Wise”, not conforming to the industry norms, the association with overcharging mega brands, and knowing all the time, the company, a small UK family-owned business, would have their back.


So we pioneered Travel Audio speakers in 2014, specifically for the Inflight Travel space. Winning the “Best New Product: category at ARC.


Confidence was building, and we developed earphones, headphones, powerbanks, and focused on making them products we wanted to own.


In 2020, WP2 was formed, our new Premium WisePrimate brand. But be in no doubt, Premium in the sense we’d moved on – better sounding earphones, higher quality, industry challenging stats and performance. Not price!


Our current range is a realisation of this dream, so please share your feedback, your thoughts, and our products with you friends and family.

Be a WisePrimate

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