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Riff Orbz Troubleshooting

First Pairing:

PLEASE NOTE  - when you first unbox your Orbz, please switch on and let them pair together before pairing with your phone.  If you try to pair with another device first, you may need to delete that pairing to get them to work in stereo.

Pairing in stereo:

Press the play/pause on both speakers for three seconds until you hear the voice message "power on".  Wait then for up to ten seconds for the speakers to pair together - they will play another voice message to let you know they have paired to each other in stereo.  If they don't do anything, double press the minus button quickly (like double clicking a mouse button) on one speaker and this should force them to pair.

After they have paired together, then go to the bluetooth settings section of your device (phone etc) and look for new devices.  They will appear as one listing for the Orbz - tap to pair.  After this initial process, they should pair up in stereo each time you switch them on.

Pairing in Mono:

If you've paired in stereo, but wish to pair the speakers (with the same device) as a solo (mono) speaker, if you are lending one speaker to someone else, for example, the pairing process is simple.  All you need to do first, is to delete/forget the existing listing for the speakers in your phone, as they will always try to pair the way they were last paired up.  Once deleted, just switch on one speaker and pair with it.  

Again, to pair back in Stereo, you must delete the mono listing for the speaker in your Bluetooth settings and go back and follow the "Pairing in Stereo" instructions above.

Common troubleshooting:

  • I can't get the speakers to pair in stereo - Please make sure you do not have a listing for the Orbz already in your bluetooth settings.  99% of the time, if the speakers won't pair up in stereo, it's because the first time you tried to pair, you did so before the speakers had paired to each other and your phone now has the Orbz saved as a mono speaker. 

  • The speakers won't pair together - two things to check.  The Blue LEDs on the front of the speakers should have the left unit flashing and the right unit steady blue.  This means it's paired correctly, if both are flashing check your phone/bluetooth device to ensure you've not paired one speaker up by mistake.  Additionally, if double pressing one speaker minus button doesn't work (try it a couple of times and try different speeds - think mouse double click) occasionally you need to switch them both off, then switch them on again to try once more.  The speakers should usually automatically detect each other within about 10 seconds and only after that do you need to try double pressing one button to force a detection.  

If you've tried all of the above and are still having issues, send us a message on the contact form on the front page of the site, or email us at

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