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Boombastic Troubleshooting

First Pairing:

Simply switch on your Boombastic speaker by holding the Power button.  The Blue LED should flash on the top of the speaker and you'll hear the message "Power on".  At this stage, navigate to the Bluetooth menu in your device (phone, etc) and tap the "Boombastic" listing that will pop up after a few seconds.  After this, if your device Bluetooth is on and the speaker is switched on and in range (under 10M) then they will automatically pair.


Pairing Two Boombastics:

If you've purchased two Boombastics to pair up, then you need to connect them together wirelessly before pairing with your phone.  Make sure you don't have either of the speakers paired with another device, then:

Double press the power button on each speaker.  A Yellow LED will flash until they discover each other, then a notification will play that they have connected in Stereo.  Once properly paired together, one speaker will display a blue LED and the other will display no LED.  

Once the speakers are in this state, then switch on Bluetooth in your phone (or other Bluetooth device) and pair up as normal - there will only be a single listing for Boombastic - tap to pair.

When controlling, the speaker with the blue LED is the "master" speaker and should be used to control tracks and volume - also, any calls answered will be answered through this speaker.

Common troubleshooting:

  • The Speaker refuses to pair to my phone.  Most of the time, if the speaker doesn't show up when trying to pair, it's been paired with something already and that device is "grabbing" it.  Bluetooth can pair up in some instances much further than you'd think, so make sure if you're going to pair up with a new device, the Boombastic is "forgotten" or deleted on the previous device.

  • I can't get the speakers to pair in stereo - Please make sure you do not have a listing for the Boombastic already in your bluetooth settings.  99% of the time, if the speakers won't pair up in stereo, it's because one has already been paired up and as soon as you switch the bluetooth on in the paired device, it "grabs" the speaker from the stereo pairing.


If you've tried all of the above and are still having issues, send us a message on the contact form on the front page of the site, or email us at

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