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BluBass Buds Troubleshooting

The BluBass Buds are a set of Bluetooth Earbuds that come in their own charge case


The Case for the BluBass Buds has a built in Lithium battery, allowing 2-3 complete re-charges of the buds without a power source.  The buds should last 2-3 hours of constant use before you need to pop them back in the case to charge up.  Note that when new, the rubber ear tips of the buds can be snug on the magnetic clip at the bottom of the Bud recess in the charger, but it will free up with use.  Please ensure both buds are firmly in the case and the LED lights have illuminated to show they are charging.

To Pair:

Pairing the BluBass Buds properly is important to get the full Stereo operation.  Take out both Buds and hold the buttons on both simultaneously, until the LED lights flash white and green (not just flashing one colour) this takes about 10 seconds and they will go through flashing one colour first.  It's important to wait a few seconds until the right bud pairs with the left before proceeding.  Once the right has paired with the left, open Bluetooth settings in your mobile device and look for BluBass Buds.  The newly paired stereo set will appear as a single listing for BluBass Buds - letting your phone see the buds as a stereo pair.

To Pair singly:

You can pair the buds one at a time with different devices.  However, key to note is if you have previously paired them in stereo with one of the devices, you MUST "forget" or delete the devices in the remembered Bluetooth devices list on that device first.  The device will always attempt to pair with them in the previous mode when switched on - so either they won't want to pair at all, or they will pair up as only the left ear of a stereo set.  You can pair up individually using the technique above, but only press one button.  Again, if you want to use them Stereo on the same device after this, you need to "forget" or delete the single instance of the device before going through the Stereo re-pairing process.

Fitting in your ears:

Getting the proper fit with the BluBass Buds is a two stage process.  First, select the size of eartip that lets you put the bud into your ear canal snugly, but not too far down.  It should partially block out external noise and you'll feel the background noise in the room change when you've got a good fit.

After you've got the correct tip selected, you need to locate the rubber loop that's on the outer body of the earbud behind a fold in your outer ear.  It's rotating the body and securing it in this fashion that takes all the weight off the eartip itself and locates the whole bud securely.  There are two sizes of the rubber loop in the fitting kit to try for different ear shapes.


Signal dropout - if both buds are experiencing dropout, ensure there's not a metal or water-filled obstruction between the buds line of sight to the device.  Bluetooth can work up to 10M in clear space - and we've tested these between different rooms to the host device in ideal circumstances, but Bluetooth is a radio signal and like all radio signals, is very dependent on local interference.  Things like microwaves, strong WiFi signals, even baby monitors can drastically reduce transmission distance.  In some cases, forgetting the BluBass Buds on your phone or tablet and re-pairing in the environment you are having issues in can force the Bluetooth chipset to use a different frequency and avoid the interference.

Right channel dropout - The right bud is at the end of the transmission chain.  Your phone or tablet connects to the left and then the left connects to the right.  As the transmitter is smaller than most in phones or tablets (simply due to the size of the buds) then the right channel is more susceptible to any interference and will show issues first.  Try the re-pairing process above to rule out local interference.

Charge issues - please ensure you're locating the buds properly in their case.  As above, when new, the rubber ear tips can grip slightly on the magnetic post at the bottom of the bud recess, so may need help to properly locate until they free off.  Also, try another MicroUSB cable to charge the case (the same connector as most Android Phones) in case of a cable fault, which is much more likely than an issue with the charge hardware.

If you've tried all of the above and are still having issues, send us a message on the contact form on the front page of the site, or email us at

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