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Slimline Charger Troubleshooting

The Slimline Charger is a 5000mAh capacity portable battery to recharge mobile devices with an included multi-connector cable

To Charge:

Charge your slimline charger using the wall charger for your smartphone or tablet.  You can use the USB to MicroUSB portion of the included cable to charge - insert large USB end into wall charger outlet and small MicroUSB into the smaller input port on the Slimline Charger - please note orientation, the MicroUSB cable only goes in one way and can be damaged if forced in upside down.  The LED charge indicator will light up to show the charge level - when all 4 lights are on without flashing, the unit is full.  The time taken to do this varies dependent on the output of the wall charger used - but can be 4-8 hours.


Plugging into your phone - when connected the Slimline charger should display its LED charge indicator, to show how much is left in the Slimline Charger.  This will reduce as your phone takes charge.  Some phones require the Slimline Charger to be "woken" by pressing the button on it's side, before they start to take charge.

Phone not charging - press the button on the side of the Slimline Charger to check it doesn't need "woken" before the phone recognises it.  As a secondary check, please try your original phone charging cable - if we have any issues with the Slimline Charger, it overwhelmingly seems to be a cable fault rather than the unit itself.  If the unit works with your original cable, reach out to us by email for a replacement

No LEDs lighting up - Plug the unit into the wall overnight.  In some instances, if the unit is left for extended periods without any charge in it, the voltage can drop so low that the electronics on the Charger won't work to fill it back up.  If you're not using your charger for an extended period - PLEASE FULLY CHARGE BEFORE STORAGE.

If after checking the above, you feel you definitely have a faulty unit, please email us using the contact form on the site, or at:

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