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Boomer2 Troubleshooting

The Boomer2 is a Bluetooth speaker, with FM Radio functionality and SD Card compatibility.  They now have a feature to connect two together in stereo, which was added later in the product life (so didn't make it into the instructions!)


If you have two Boomer2s, the way to pair them in stereo is straightforward, but you do need to ensure that you haven't paired one with your phone already - if you have, please delete or "forget" that pairing - that's key before you start.

Switch on both Boomer2s - they will start in Bluetooth mode (signified by "BLUE" on the LED display behind the grille)  Leave them to pair together - if they haven't done so inside ten seconds, double press the "play/pause" button on one speaker (this may take a couple of tries)  The speaker will then play a notification to say it's paired.  Only one speaker will do this.

Once this has happened, you can then go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone/device and discover the Boomer2s (there will only be one listing come up) and they will play as a stereo pair.  

Pairing a single speaker:

To Pair - when you switch on the Boomer2, it automatically goes into pairing mode - the voice command will indicate this.  Go to the Bluetooth settings on the device you wish to pair with and search for BOOMER2 - then tap to pair and your music will play through the Boomer when in range.  The next time you switch on the Boomer2, it will automatically search for the last device, so if its in range with the Bluetooth on, the Boomer2 will pair automatically.


Pairing - if you're having trouble pairing the speaker, ensure it's not paired up with another device.  Switch off Bluetooth on previously paired devices if attempting to pair with a new device, as the speaker will try to pair automatically first, before becoming discoverable to new devices.

Charging - if the speaker is not charging, please ensure you're using a USB socket with enough output (1A minimum) The chargers supplied with smartphones are usually more than adequate, but some cheaper USB charge plugs only charge 800mA or so - these may not be sufficient to charge the Boomer2 battery

Charging 2 - If you plug your USB cable in to a powerful enough supply and the light beside the power button on the back of the speaker does not illuminate at all, please try another cable (the cable is a standard MicroUSB, the same as most Android phones and devices) as your cable may be damaged or faulty.  In 99% of cases where the unit isn't charging, we find it's the cable and not the speaker itself.

If you believe you have a fault and the above isn't helping, please contact our team via email using the contact form on the site, or the email address: - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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