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WP2 Audiobuds


The WP3 Audiobuds are a set of high quality totally wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that come in their own charge case


The Case for the Audiobuds has a built in Lithium battery, allowing several complete re-charges of the buds without a power source.  The charge indicator on the case shows percentage charge in the middle and charge status of each bud to the left and right.  Please note, if the indicators are still flashing, the unit is still charging, even though it may show 100% - this is because the final top up of the battery takes proportionally longer than the initial fast charge and the indicator doesn't reflect time to charge, just voltage shown.  Simply press the button next to the USB socket on the rear to get a readout of charge status


The buds should last 2-3 hours of constant use before you need to pop them back in the case to charge up.  Again, the charge indicators on the case will flash the top segment until the buds are fully charged, where the red LEDs on the buds go out and the bar graphs will actually switch off, as the buds power down.  This last stage of trickle charge takes longer than getting from the bottom of the bar graph to the top, if they have completely discharged.

Please Note - if any charge indicator is still flashing, it's not fully charged - even if it's flashing 100% or the top bar for some time, please let them charge till everything stops flashing - only then are they fully charged.

To Pair:

Before first pairing, please press the button next to the charge socket on the rear to activate the case and ensure there's charge in the buds.  We suggest putting the case on charge for an hour or so, to top up prior to pairing for the first time.  

Pairing is straightforward - simply take both buds out of the case and wait for them to pair with each other.  The LEDs on the buds will initially both flash red and blue - wait until one bud has stopped flashing red and blue (it switches to a slow blue flash) to indicate that it has paired with the other bud.  The remaining bud will keep flashing.  At this stage, select Bluetooth devices on the phone, tablet or other device you wish to pair with and search for the Audiobuds, then pair when they appear in the list.

From that point onwards, they will pair seamlessly with that device within a couple of seconds of removing them from the case - assuming the Bluetooth on the device is on.

To Pair singly:

You can pair the buds one at a time with different devices.  However, key to note is if you have previously paired them in stereo with one of the devices, you MUST "forget" or delete the devices in the remembered Bluetooth devices list on that device first.  The device will always attempt to pair with them in the previous mode when switched on - so either they won't want to pair at all, or they will pair up as only the left ear of a stereo set.  You can pair up individually using the technique above, but only remove one bud from the case.  Again, if you want to use them Stereo on the same device after this, you need to "forget" or delete the single instance of the device before going through the Stereo re-pairing process.

Fitting in your ears:

Getting the proper fit with the Audiobuds is a simple process.  First, select the size of eartip that lets you put the bud into your ear canal snugly, but not too far down.  It should partially block out external noise and you'll feel the background noise in the room change when you've got a good fit.  Try all the buds until you discover the one that gives best fit and security, but doesn't cause discomfort.  L and R markings are moulded on the buds to ensure you select the correct bud for the correct ear and there's only one way up that they will fit properly.


Volume reduced over time, noticeable in one ear more than another - This is something we've discovered with the audiobuds in extended use.  The solution is simple.  It's actually caused by perspiration in the ear over time.  The perspiration condenses on the protective grille over the earbud driver and salts are left when it evaporates - building up on the grille, which muffles the sound.  To fix this, simply take the corner of a tissue and wet with alcohol (nail varnish remover is good), take off the silicone eartips and dab the circular grille in the sound outlet of the bud (the stem the eartips locate on).  No need to soak it, just a light dab, then clean off with the dry part of the tissue.  You might need to give it a couple of goes if there's heavy build up.  Then, replace eartips and test - this should see your buds performing to their best once more.

Stereo Pairing issues - Please note that for first pairing, you must let the buds find each other.  If you pair them up with your phone before you let them discover each other, you will need to "forget" or delete the listing on your phone or device, check both buds are charged and try the stereo pairing process again.  If the phone or device grabs one bud before they have paired together, it will always just pair with that single bud, until the pairing is deleted and re-paired in stereo mode.

Signal dropout - if both buds are experiencing dropout, ensure there's not a metal or water-filled obstruction between the buds line of sight to the device.  Bluetooth can work up to 10M in clear space - and we've tested these between different rooms to the host device in ideal circumstances, but Bluetooth is a radio signal and like all radio signals, is very dependent on local interference.  Things like microwaves, strong WiFi signals, even baby monitors can drastically reduce transmission distance.  In some cases, forgetting the BluBass Buds on your phone or tablet and re-pairing in the environment you are having issues in can force the Bluetooth chipset to use a different frequency and avoid the interference.

Left channel dropout - The right bud is at the end of the transmission chain.  Your phone or tablet connects to the right and then the right connects to the left.  As the transmitter is smaller than most in phones or tablets (simply due to the size of the buds) then the left channel is more susceptible to any interference and will show issues first.  Try the re-pairing process above to rule out local interference.

Right bud lasting a shorter time than left - Again, this is an effect of the daisy chain process.  The right bud does the heavy lifting of receiving Bluetooth from the phone, splitting the stereo signal and re-transmitting the left signal to the other bud - both buds have identical batteries, but because of this extra draw, the right will be the first one to run down.  

Charge issues - Please note the display will keep flashing until completely charged and it will stay flashing at 100% for some time as the final trickle charge goes in.  This should take up to two hours from totally flat.  The charge case should only be regarded as fully charged when the 100% indicator displays steadily, without flashing.  Similarly, each bud indicator flashes until the bud is completely full and will stop flashing when the buds are topped up.

If you've tried all of the above and are still having issues, send us a message on the contact form on the front page of the site, or email us at

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