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7 Great Ways to Make your Hotel Room feel like Home!

Whether you’re travelling for work or for pleasure, living out of a suitcase can wear us down, and leave us longing for the comforts of home. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road, city hopping or on long haul to an exotic destination, we’ve got some easy tips to turn a stay in the dullest hotel room into a home from home.

Pack your favourite drink to have at night or in the morning

It’s always a good idea to bring along a plastic bag or small tub with your favourite tea bags or coffee for the morning to start your day off right. Or pack a miniature for that nightcap tipple.

Unpack right away

Living out of your suitcase doesn’t suggest a homely vibe. Hang up your clothes, pop them in the drawers and leave your night clothes on the bed. Place your toiletries in the bathroom will not only help make the space your own, but will save you hunting for the shower gel and toothpaste in the morning. While most hotels now provide toiletries I still like to bring my own, you can never be sure if the conditioner will weigh down your hair of if the soap will dry out your skin.

Bring your music player, mobile phone or tablet loaded with your favourite music

While most hotels have TVs, you won’t always find they have a radio, and you can pretty much guarantee you won’t get your favourite station overseas. Connect your Bluetooth device to our Howler speaks to fill your hotel room with your chosen tunes.

Comfort is key – don’t forget your loungewear

Don’t worry if it’s not new, trendy or designer – it just needs to be comfy! Pack that oversized washed out band t-shirt or those old beaten tracksuit bottoms. Anything that makes you feel cosy and comfortable is exactly what you need.

Download an Audiobook

When it comes to hotels you never know how well soundproofed the room will be or how much noise you’ll encounter from traffic and other guests. To wind down at night use a set of BluBassLite earbuds to listen to your favourite book.

Pack a Power Bank

Why should you have to choose between charging your phone and keeping it by your bed? A Slim line power bank is ideal for charging your phone where ever you like instead of hunting for that inconvenient socket. You wouldn’t charge your phone on the floor in the corner at home!

Add Some White Noise

It doesn’t matter if you’re used to the sounds of the city or countryside nocturnal animals, there’s little chance your hotel room will sound like home. Use your Bluetooth Howler speakers to play a sleep aid podcast or play list on Spotify to block out the silence or distract from any outside noise.

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