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Two Boomer2s, less than the price of one!

Do you ever feel like we get to this point in the year and all of a sudden the C word starts getting thrown about too often… that’s right Christmas is coming.

I know it’s not even the end of October, we haven’t dressed up and stuffed our faces with the kids chocolate while they’re at school later to pretended to them they must have eaten it when they complain it’s missing (don’t even act like you haven’t done it!) We also haven’t even wrapped up in woolly hats and lit up our sparklers for Guy Fawkes, and then, BAM! It’s panic stations when you realise you haven’t started that all important Crimbo shop! So let us help you with that one!

On our site right now, we have an incredible end-of-line deal to clear stocks of our incredible Boomer2 speakers.  These are the better, louder, more robust follow-up to our Award Winning Boomers.  You can get TWO sets of Boomer2s for the incredible all-in price of £29.99 - which is actually better than Buy One Get One FREE!

The Cool thing about this is that the Boomer2s actually pair together, letting you set them up as stereo speakers (like big versions of our Howlers) and connect them both to one device (like your phone)

Once they are gone, they are gone - this is really us clearing out the last of these to make room for our Christmas stock - Get them in the store on site 

**Boomer 2 offer (2 speakers for £29.99) two separate gifts or pair them for stereo speakers**

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Aug 17, 2020

flash69 (in the post below) - this is WisePrimate - please reach out to us directly on this as you've clearly bought a unit that's got a fault - no way they should be just 1 hour battery life. That's not as designed, we've independently tested these way past 8 hours constant play - you've got a faulty battery and if you contact us, we'll be more than happy to replace that for you.


Aug 17, 2020

RIP OFF RUBBISH.............I purchased this item duty free on a flight to Spain. I thought it would be a great item for our apartment... Despite the description of the seller this item has next to no battery life. after a long time charging you don't get any longer than 1 hr playtime.

If I could give any advice at all that would be to pay the extra and by a BOSE speaker which can last on a single charge for many hours..

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