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Hear the sound, feel the difference, the 360 degree special music projection is what the Orbz do best.  Filling the room with sound, packing a bigger punch and with deeper bass and more power,
place them 2 meters apart and it will feel like the sound is all around you.


Going on holiday and wanting to turn your phone off? Simple, pop your favourite tracks on an SD card, and insert it into the Orbz. They will work independently from the Bluetooth device.


Stylish, minimalistic design, with Simple Pair Bluetooth connectivity meaning it will take seconds to get your Orbz connected and playing your tunes. The most difficult part is deciding which song to play next!



  • True Stereo Separation
  • Use individually or as a stereo speaker pair
  • SD Card support
  • On Speaker controls
  • 8 Hours playback


Some customer reviews for the Orbz!


“Use these everyday, practical and portable!” - Nick Doherty   

“Can’t believe how these two little speakers can fill a room with sound!” - Sarah Reynolds

“Absolutely love that these can be used independently, I lend my daughter one for her room and can still listen to my own music” - Hannah Webb

“Awesome speakers for any music lover” - Gary Erland

“So glad I bought these! Perfect for lounging by the pool, so impressed the battery lasted over 8 hours!” - Megan Carlisle

Riff Orbz Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

£60.00 Regular Price
£45.00Sale Price
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