• Incredible, full audio with True Wireless Stereo – benchmarked against the best in the in-ear game, at several times the price, you will be in love with the incredible sound quality from the first try
  • Incredible comfort – you’ll barely know they are there, even wearing for extended periods, full movies, extended playlists – they’ll never make themselves known
  • Robust true wireless connection – dropouts banished with Bluetooth 5 and seamless, simple, quick connection.
  • Premium design and materials – luxury feel and style in a product at a fraction of the price of anything comparable
  • 25 Hour battery performance with case – A single charge will see you through an extended movie or listening session, then pop them back in the case to quickly recharge for your next chance to experience the quality.
  • Touch controls & Call handling without pulling out your phone – convenience with performance – easy to control your phone without having to look at the screen, or use fiddly push buttons you can’t see.  Touch and go!


Ever felt the need to step up your listening?  Are you sure your earbuds are actually letting you hear your music as it was recorded?  Audiobuds are revolution in affordable earbuds – offering the sort of audio quality and clarity, with stunning bass, that you’d normally have to spend way more to experience.


True wireless means what it says – no wires, no tangling, no fuss, maximum performance.  Connection with Bluetooth 5 is simple, incredibly robust with no dropouts and low latency means lips remain in sync when watching video.


Crisp sparkling high notes without tinniness, incredible low rumbling bass notes that don’t muddy up your song – the Audiobuds will present the most complex music with complete control and accuracy.


Just like it’s meant to sound.





The Audiobuds package is a small, pocketable, discrete unit with an integrated charge case and magnetic flip lid.  The case itself is the perfect size for pocket or bag and robust, without being heavy or clunky to use.  The lid flips open with a carefully weighted magnetic release – you can simply flick it open with one hand, but it won’t pop open in your pocket or bag when you don’t want it to.


Inside the case, the bud nestle in their individually moulded magnetic docking ports – charging the minute you pop them in place and simple to pop out with a finger.  Again, carefully calibrated so they take no force to remove, but won’t fall out by themselves. 


Pairing with Bluetooth 5 is as simple as removing the buds from the case.  Remove, left and right pair together in a second and you simply tap their name on the Bluetooth device list to pair on your phone – seamless and simple. We’ve worked on every aspect of making these a joy to use!


The final thing you notice inside the case is the clever charge indicator – in one small screen, showing charge state of both buds, plus the charge percentage left in the case.  To recharge, the case has a USB type C connector, robust, reliable and impossible to insert upside down (as it works both ways up.)  Charge takes a max of 2.5 hours, but most USB outlets will top up the case quicker than that.





Nothing worse than hauling your phone out to take a call or change volume, right?  We’d also say that the old way of controlling your music from earbuds wasn’t much better – physical clicking buttons that either needed a separate cord, or had buttons on the side of the bud that forced you to press them uncomfortably in your ear.


No more.  A light touch is all you need.  Both buds have touch sensitive controls on the side – a simple tap to play and pause, double taps to increase and decrease volume, triple taps to change track.  Right ear to increase, left ear to decrease. 


Simple and effective.



Call handling


Of course you’re listening to your music on your phone.  And of course the last thing you want to do when you’re on the move, listening to those tunes, is drag that phone out to answer a call.  The Audiobuds will read out the incoming number and you have the choice to answer with a single tap or reject by keeping your finger on either bud for over a second. 


Ideal when that tune is just too good to pause!



Bud design


Audio performance is always a game of compromises.  To create a fuller sound, you want to have a physically larger unit, but that’s the enemy of convenience and wearability.   What we’ve focused on with Audiobuds is the combination of tremendous audio performance, without compromising comfort or style.


Materials have been chosen for premium feel, robust wear and light weight.  Attention paid to every interaction you have with the Audiobuds, from the smooth feel of the case and its soft click as it magnetically closes, to the touch of the bud and it’s straightforward, no fuss fit in your ears.


You’ll notice the grille in the back of the bud.  This is a semi-open backed design – it relieves pressure inside the bud, therefore improving bass performance.  However, we also used the conductivity of the metal grille to integrate our touch controls.  One part, multiple uses.  We’ve used this sort of thinking to hone these buds to perform like items costing three times their price, without compromise in looks and comfort.



WP² - Who are we?


We’ve been doing portable audio products for over a decade as WisePrimate.  We’ve created award winning speakers, cutting edge earbuds (we were there when the first true wireless earbuds arrived on the scene) and a variety of products for travel.  When we embarked on the Audiobud project, the plan was to take the audio performance a step above anything we’ve done before, so we created the WP² brand to encompass this higher-end audio performance – despite the fact we did not intend to send the pricing into the high end. 


Midrange affordability, high end performance, that’s the WP² way.

WP2 Audiobuds Premium In-Ear True Wireless Earbuds…

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£57.00Sale Price