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The WisePrimate Listening Guide

It should come as no surprise that the team at WisePrimate are very focused on what makes a good audio product.

What may surprise you even more though is that despite Google offering 3,549,767 results on this exact search, I’ve yet to see one that actually features a playlist, listening notes, and allows any user to step inside the process and try it themselves.

That’s what we have tried to create with The WisePrimate Listening Guide. Whether you are guided in your purchasing by the media, social proof, amazon reviews, or by friends, colleagues and family, we wanted to show not only our customers, but anyone, that they could do it themselves.

Music is inclusive, great for sharing, experiential, emotive and above all else it should be fun.

You should be able to hear it as the maker intended, and without breaking the bank. And that’s the purpose of our Listening Guide. To let you in to our tracks, and tell you what to listen for, and immerse yourself in the process in what has been a truly strange year.

Let me cut to the chase. For me, if there’s a standout track, it’s this – James Blake. Check it out on the WisePrimate Listening Guide Playlist and prepare for an experience.

I’ll be totally honest. Until Malcolm, our resident Sound Engineer (amongst other talents) put me on to this track I hadn’t heard it.

I’d called Malcolm, my audio referee, to tell him one of our prototypes sounded so good I was worried that I was getting too excited about it. I’d followed our usual testing process, and benchmarked it against some serious competition, but that to me it sounded astonishing. Was I getting carried away?

When we met, I was mightily relieved to watch his face light up as he proceeded to listen to the playlist through them. I wasn’t wrong. The R&D was worth it, and the acoustic tuning had worked better than we dared hope.

James Blakes track, he explained, had a way of killing earphones and speakers. Most simply wouldn’t be able to replicate the sub-bass and would sound mixed up and muddled. I pressed play.

Wow – it was a bit like experiencing surround sound for the first time. Whatever you thought of the track, the “experience” was spectacular, and showed just how rounded and competent a product we had created.

Music in 2020 & 2021 has been more motivational than ever, and while not every track gets tagged and added to my Spotify playlist, I enjoy diversity massively.

So, go on a journey with us today. Whether you have WisePrimate Earphones or not, subject yours to the test, and let us know the results.

Are there any other tracks you’d add?

Audiobuds have just launched, we’ve even got some launch bundles for the first customers, and we are 1/3 of our competition in price! Our best product yet? You’d better believe it. BUT. Don’t take my word for it let James Blake tell you…

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